Becoming a Better Listener

  • Be stingy in sharing your story when listening to others

203: Three Reasons for Being Stingy in Sharing Your Story

There’s a school of thought out there that says to make friends it’s important to be vulnerable by sharing your story. Some call it “being authentic.” Yet it’s been my experience that sharing your story when someone is trying to share theirs may end up pushing people away.

203: Three Reasons for Being Stingy in Sharing Your Story2023-10-11T08:26:20-05:00
  • Listen to someone's story

202: The Best Stories

Most of us like a good story. I have found that the best stories are those that draw us in with emotion. They’re usually about relationships and often contain a story within a story. I’ve got one of those for you today that I’m pretty sure you’re going

202: The Best Stories2023-09-25T10:01:48-05:00
  • in good relationships people listen to each other

We Learn Most When We Listen to Others

“We learn most when we listen to others” is a line from my favorite TV show, Call the Midwife.  It’s a PBS program that airs on Sunday night about a group of nuns and midwives serving a poor section of London during the 1950s and 60s. I don’t watch much

We Learn Most When We Listen to Others2023-07-10T11:07:32-05:00
  • curious people

185: Thankful for Curious People

For the past two years, my grandson George has been a resident assistant in his college dorm. Before students check in at the start of the school year, each RA creates a bulletin board for their floor with here’s-who-I-am information about themself. It’s a way to start building

185: Thankful for Curious People2022-11-11T08:10:33-06:00
  • Q: "What's on your mind?" A: Kids like me fleeing Ukraine

158: What’s On Your Mind?

Asking people “what’s on your mind?,” helps others go beyond sharing news of the superficial events in their life. It deepens relationships. Listen in to learn how.

158: What’s On Your Mind?2022-04-22T19:43:29-05:00
  • How to listen

154: How to Listen Like a Hostage Negotiator

Learning how to listen well is a valuable relational skill. It’s an important tool we all need to understand others and to impact their lives for good. Listen in to today’s episode where listening well is a matter of life and death.

154: How to Listen Like a Hostage Negotiator2022-04-16T15:01:12-05:00
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