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Hello everyone and welcome to episode 123, “Ask Thoughtful Questions and See What Happens”

In last week’s episode, no. 122, “The Questions We Ask … and Fail to Ask,” I suggested that to deepen our relationships with people try asking the two questions asked of me recently. Namely, what are you looking forward to? And, what are you dreading?

Since I suggested that you give this a try, I thought I should do the same thing. I was curious to see how this would work, to ask thoughtful questions like these. Plus I wanted to brush up on my listening skills. Like any skill, good listening takes practice and I need all the practice I can get.

So in today’s episode, you’ll hear phone calls I made to several people, asking them the two questions I mentioned. At the end of each call, I comment on how the call went and what I learned from it. Keep listening to see how this
could work for you in moving you from the shallow end of your relational swimming pool to the deep end where all the good stuff happens.



“At the end of the day, nothing matters MORE than relationships.” — John Certalic

121: Experience the Relational Energy of Fall

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Hello everyone. I’m so glad you’ve joined us today for the start of Season Six. We begin with Episode no. 121, “Experience the Relational Energy of Fall.” I

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