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018: Two Sisters – Part 2

Today I want to finish the interview we started in last week’s episode 17, ” Two Sisters – Part 1.” If you listened to that show you may recall that I spoke with two sisters in their ’20’s, Hannah and Abby Barbeau. It was to learn what we

018: Two Sisters – Part 22021-09-22T13:13:11-05:00

017: Two Sisters – Part 1

I recently had breakfast with a pastor friend who retired last year. A very young 70-old guy who is now off doing other meaningful things with his life. Among other things, Mike and I talked about the transition he led his congregation through to prepare for his passing

017: Two Sisters – Part 12021-09-22T13:13:14-05:00

009: Shadows Connect Us with Each Other

In last week’s episode 8, I was going to comment at the end about my interview with Charley and Ruth Shirley, but our executive producer, Carol thought that would detract from what they had to say. So rather than prattle on (Carol hates prattle), she suggested I put my

009: Shadows Connect Us with Each Other2021-09-22T13:13:17-05:00

008: How a Wife and her Daughter Brought Healing

Hello and welcome to all our listeners to episode 8. Today’s show is a day of firsts. It’s the first episode of 2019 – Happy New Year, by the way – and it’s also the first interview we’re doing in the podcast.I want to get the new year

008: How a Wife and her Daughter Brought Healing2021-09-22T13:13:20-05:00
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