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  • Blessings to be thankful for

186: Thankful for Life After Death

My friend Larry Goring died 2 months ago after a nine-month battle with cancer. He was only 73, and I miss him greatly. Larry was one of the original board members of our missionary care ministry, Caring for Others, and was always a great encouragement to me. His

186: Thankful for Life After Death2022-11-16T13:13:04-06:00
  • More joy comes into our relationships when we listen well

179: Listen to the Whispers

It seems to me that we are living in an increasingly noisy world. So many sounds, so many words, so many messages competing for our attention. I’m going to tell you a story today about how someone communicated with whispers that drowned out all the noise in the

179: Listen to the Whispers2022-10-20T18:48:32-05:00
  • We're all connected with each other

172: How to Develop Deeper Relationships

Developing deeper relationships is the topic of today’s show, and is a follow-up to last week’s episode, no. 171. It was an encore episode of an interview I did with Charley and Ruth Shirley in late 2018. It came about from Charley’s Facebook post with a photo of

172: How to Develop Deeper Relationships2022-08-24T18:40:04-05:00

168: How to Live Well

The other day I Googled the phrase “How to Live Well.” 19.5 trillion entries popped up. Yikes! Apparently a lot of people have something to say on this matter. And I do as well in today’s episode. But it’s going to be different than what my 19.5 trillion

168: How to Live Well2022-07-11T12:28:54-05:00
  • Jesus is what we need most

163: What You and I Need Most

Three events in today’s news from around the world remind me of what you and I need most in the troubled times in which we live. It’s the subject of today’s show where I talk about a relationship thread that connects all three of these stories: The horrific

163: What You and I Need Most2022-06-08T15:12:05-05:00
  • Our roots in Jesus bring stability to our life

156: Our Roots Bring Stability to Life

As our world becomes more and more unstable, our only hope for peace and security comes from letting our roots grow deep down into Jesus. today’s episode describes what that looks like. Listen in.

156: Our Roots Bring Stability to Life2022-04-11T15:22:19-05:00
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