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201: Three Relationship Tools to Remember in September

Hello everyone, I’m back!  To start season 8 of this podcast we’re going to talk about three relationship tools we can use to become better listeners this fall to deepen our relationships.

201: Three Relationship Tools to Remember in September2023-08-30T11:32:35-05:00
  • What we wish for

What We Wish For

Last month I wrote about a relationship moment from a vacation trip my wife and I took with our grandson Nathan. It was a quote from Shakespeare we found in a museum. It is about what we wish for. “I wish you all the joy that you can wish.” I

What We Wish For2023-06-30T11:41:02-05:00
  • Last time ever for the day

Solutions to Loneliness. Will These Work?

In last week’s blog post I gave a summary of the recent 81-page report by the U.S. Surgeon General on loneliness and social isolation. It was all about the problem.  Today I’m going to summarize the solutions to loneliness offered in the report, followed by my brief comments about each

Solutions to Loneliness. Will These Work?2023-07-04T14:17:48-05:00
  • Good people are out there

Responses to “I Need Help”

Our You Were Made for This podcast listeners have suggested some very good ideas for relationship topics to be examined in future episodes. They are in response to my May 17th blog post where I asked for help in developing content for the upcoming podcast season. As you probably know,

Responses to “I Need Help”2023-06-08T09:32:34-05:00
  • Find joy in difficult times

Learning From Our Losses

A quote I heard this past week took me back to the time when our daughter was in college and the summer she toured with a Christian singing group, The Continentals.  Jennifer was the pianist for the group that traveled the eastern part of the US and several countries overseas.

Learning From Our Losses2023-05-15T11:46:58-05:00
  • Relational intelligence is learned by observing

Relational Intelligence in the Age of the Artificial Kind

We’re hearing more and more about artificial intelligence these days, but I don’t hear anyone talking about relational intelligence. I wish we did. Few people are born with it, yet it is something we can learn by carefully observing others who have it. I saw a great example of recent

Relational Intelligence in the Age of the Artificial Kind2023-04-18T15:19:30-05:00
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