Here are just a few people you could remember from the past who in some way made your life better.

You could remember the person who:

  • Gave you money when you really needed it
  • Took the blame for something you did, either as a child or an adult
  • Believed in you when others didn’t, or when you didn’t believe in yourself
  • Loved you even when you were unlovable
  • Taught you how to read. Imagine life today if you didn’t know how to read
  • Let you off the hook for something you did
  • Forgave you
  • Gave you you a job when others would not hire you
  • Was silent when they had every right to chew you out for something you
  • Served as role model for you.
  • Told you tough things you needed to hear
  • Took your side, when everyone else was against you
  • Listened to you
  • Set their needs aside to meet your needs
  • Loved you unconditionally
  • Let you win an argument, even though they were right and you were wrong
  • Brought out the best in you
  • Chose not to believe the gossip they heard about you
  • Asked for your help
  • Gave you hope when you had none yourself
  • Invited you to dream
  • Wanted to hear about your kids and grandkids
  • Rejoiced with you in the things you were rejoicing about
  • Mourned with you when you were mourning
  • Let you talk on and on, without ever shifting the spotlight of the conversation on to them
  • Sat in the crowded back seat of the car so you could sit up front

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