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  • Jesus is what we need most

163: What You and I Need Most

Three events in today’s news from around the world remind me of what you and I need most in the troubled times in which we live. It’s the subject of today’s show where I talk about a relationship thread that connects all three of these stories: The horrific

163: What You and I Need Most2022-06-08T15:12:05-05:00
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159: For an Interesting Conversation Listen to a Missionary

When we listen to a missionary it often causes us to reflect. Does my life have a larger meaning like there’s? Do I see God at work as they do? Listen in to today’s show where we hear the story of a couple who changed the trajectory of

159: For an Interesting Conversation Listen to a Missionary2022-06-04T08:28:07-05:00
  • Q: "What's on your mind?" A: Kids like me fleeing Ukraine

158: What’s On Your Mind?

Asking people “what’s on your mind?,” helps others go beyond sharing news of the superficial events in their life. It deepens relationships. Listen in to learn how.

158: What’s On Your Mind?2022-04-22T19:43:29-05:00
  • summer reading list

157: Add This Book to Your Summer Reading List

One of the pleasures of summer is taking time to relax with a good book that both entertains and informs. Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss does both. It’s a book that will raise your relational intelligence. You would do well to put it on your summer

157: Add This Book to Your Summer Reading List2022-05-04T13:40:20-05:00
  • How to listen

154: How to Listen Like a Hostage Negotiator

Learning how to listen well is a valuable relational skill. It’s an important tool we all need to understand others and to impact their lives for good. Listen in to today’s episode where listening well is a matter of life and death.

154: How to Listen Like a Hostage Negotiator2022-04-16T15:01:12-05:00
  • Memories grandparents make

147: Memories Grandparents Make

Memories grandparents make are a relational anchor for grandchildren. They remind us of our relational roots and where we’ve come from. They show us the privilege we have in impacting the lives of others for good.

147: Memories Grandparents Make2022-03-02T05:55:52-06:00
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