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185: Thankful for Curious People

For the past two years, my grandson George has been a resident assistant in his college dorm. Before students check in at the start of the school year, each RA creates a bulletin board for their floor with here’s-who-I-am information about themself. It’s a way to start building

185: Thankful for Curious People2022-11-11T08:10:33-06:00
  • An Unusual place to find joy

180: An Unusual Place to Find Joy

You wouldn’t think you could find joy in the midst of difficult life events, but you can if you know how to look for it. Today’s episode is an interview with someone who did just that. Stuck in the world’s busiest airport after her flight was canceled, Our

180: An Unusual Place to Find Joy2022-10-20T18:49:32-05:00
  • More joy comes into our relationships when we listen well

179: Listen to the Whispers

It seems to me that we are living in an increasingly noisy world. So many sounds, so many words, so many messages competing for our attention. I’m going to tell you a story today about how someone communicated with whispers that drowned out all the noise in the

179: Listen to the Whispers2022-10-20T18:48:32-05:00
  • in good relationships people listen to each other

178: Good Relationships in Action

There are so many thoughts about relationships running around in my head lately that I’ve wanted to share with you. They’ve been like little kids scrambling for the candy thrown from 4th of July floats parading down the street. I’ll tell you about a few of them in

178: Good Relationships in Action2022-10-20T18:47:35-05:00
  • We don't always have to be right

177: How to Relate With High-Maintenance People

I received a disturbing email from a missionary serving overseas the other day that mentioned a relationship challenge he and his wife were facing. It’s an issue most of us have had to handle at one time or another. Namely, how to relate with high-maintenance people. It’s the

177: How to Relate With High-Maintenance People2022-09-07T10:18:53-05:00
  • Stories from our past can grow us

175: Reflecting On Stories From Our Past Can Grow Us

Relationship stories from our past have a way of shaping us years after they occurred. I have two of them that happened decades ago during this month of September. It wasn’t until many years had passed that I understood the impact these two events had on my life.

175: Reflecting On Stories From Our Past Can Grow Us2022-08-24T18:39:06-05:00
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