094: Self-Awareness Deepens Our Relationships

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 94, where today we consider how self-awareness deepens our relationships. With just 6 double-digits left before we hit 100 episodes, we’re considering a real-life application of the ORA principle of deepening relationships. The ORA principle re-stated In a nutshell, the ORA principle

094: Self-Awareness Deepens Our Relationships2021-09-22T13:09:45-05:00

093: Remembering Deepens Our Relationships

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 93, Remembering Deepens Our Relationships. Only 7 more programs until we reach that magic triple-digit number of 100 episodes. And in 3 days we’ll also mark the 5th anniversary of the day my book was published, entitled THEM – The Richer Life

093: Remembering Deepens Our Relationships2021-09-22T13:09:48-05:00

074: Relationships During Elections

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s episode where today we talk about relationships during elections, and how we can better care for each other during them. We’re doing so at the suggestion of a listener from Pennsylvania. There’s something about elections that stirs up emotion in people. And

074: Relationships During Elections2021-09-22T13:22:07-05:00
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