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210: Word of the Year for 2024 – Curious

CURIOUS. It’s my pick for the 2024 Word of the Year. Curious. It’s an important relational skill we need to help us deepen our relationships with others.  Today’s episode is about what happens when we’re not curious about people, and what we can do about it to strengthen

210: Word of the Year for 2024 – Curious2024-01-01T20:41:57-06:00
  • Last time ever for the day

Solutions to Loneliness. Will These Work?

In last week’s blog post I gave a summary of the recent 81-page report by the U.S. Surgeon General on loneliness and social isolation. It was all about the problem.  Today I’m going to summarize the solutions to loneliness offered in the report, followed by my brief comments about each

Solutions to Loneliness. Will These Work?2023-07-04T14:17:48-05:00
  • Real Christmas joy is found in Jesus.

188: Joy to the World – The Unintended Christmas Carol

In episode 187 last week I talked about the back story behind “Angels We Have Heard on High.” Today I pull the curtain back to look at the history behind another well-known Christmas carol, this one going back to 1719. It never started out to be a song,

188: Joy to the World – The Unintended Christmas Carol2022-12-09T07:33:07-06:00
  • Q: "What's on your mind?" A: Kids like me fleeing Ukraine

158: What’s On Your Mind?

Asking people “what’s on your mind?,” helps others go beyond sharing news of the superficial events in their life. It deepens relationships. Listen in to learn how.

158: What’s On Your Mind?2022-04-22T19:43:29-05:00
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