• Tenderness

181: Tenderness Found in Two Unusual Places

A friend I hadn’t seen in a while asked me the other day what was going on in my life. “Lots of death,” I said, filling in my response with examples.. Another thing going on was a moment of tenderness I saw in a man consoling his wife

181: Tenderness Found in Two Unusual Places2022-10-20T18:38:36-05:00

151: Hope is More a Noun Than a Verb

As a person of faith, we can help and comfort people best when we embrace and share the principle that hope is a noun more than a verb. An important relationship principle in today’s show We talked in episodes 148 and 149 about what to say and not

151: Hope is More a Noun Than a Verb2022-03-17T09:55:45-05:00

101: Life-Giving Relationships

In last week’s episode, Start Conversations With Remembering, I shared the start of a conversation I had with our executive producer, and Janet’s and my long-time friend, Carol Steward, about our life-giving relationship.  Carol's voice is the one you hear each week introducing that day’s program. The point

101: Life-Giving Relationships2021-09-22T13:15:41-05:00
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