• in good relationships people listen to each other

178: Good Relationships in Action

There are so many thoughts about relationships running around in my head lately that I’ve wanted to share with you. They’ve been like little kids scrambling for the candy thrown from 4th of July floats parading down the street. I’ll tell you about a few of them in

178: Good Relationships in Action2022-10-20T18:47:35-05:00
  • Joy in relationships

128: The Joy of Relationships

Do you need more joy in your life? Have you ever felt that you're going through the motions during your day, and while nothing particularly awful is happening, not much good is going on either? I went through a stretch like this recently. During days like this, I

128: The Joy of Relationships2021-10-27T09:04:21-05:00

123: Ask Thoughtful Questions and See What Happens

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 123, “Ask Thoughtful Questions and See What Happens” In last week’s episode, no. 122, “The Questions We Ask … and Fail to Ask,” I suggested that to deepen our relationships with people try asking the two questions asked of me recently. Namely,

123: Ask Thoughtful Questions and See What Happens2021-09-22T15:17:13-05:00

111: How to Find Rest in Difficult Circumstances

Often when we’re tired and burdened, Jesus shows up in unusual ways, inviting us to find rest in him in the midst of difficult circumstances. Keep reading to learn How to Find Rest in Difficult Circumstances. Have you ever found yourself so weary and tired because of a

111: How to Find Rest in Difficult Circumstances2021-09-22T13:15:38-05:00

110: Relationships We Didn’t Choose

Relationships we pursue, that we choose, can be fulfilling because they meet a need we have. We have a measure of control in these relationships. They are the low-hanging fruit of the relational world. But relationships we didn’t choose can be just as fulfilling and life-giving. Keep listening

110: Relationships We Didn’t Choose2021-09-22T13:21:24-05:00

103: The Secret to Great Relationships

The secret to great relationships is to give what you want to get. It’s your best chance to find joy in being the person God created you to be. Hello everyone and welcome to episode 103. When I first started reading the Bible as a young adult I

103: The Secret to Great Relationships2021-09-22T13:21:39-05:00
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