loss of innocence

  • A story of when people disappoint us

170: When People Disappoint Us

In just a few weeks many of us with school-age kids will be sending them off for the next chapter in their educational lives. Others of us who home school will be calling them to the kitchen table for the same purpose.In either case, an unintended relationship lesson

170: When People Disappoint Us2022-08-14T17:23:48-05:00

It’s Still Amazing Out There

Cross-cultural relationship encounters enrich our lives when we least expect it. I had one the other evening, even though it happened in the context of a disappointing change in attitude from a trusted friend. It used to be before I walked out the door for a brisk early morning walk

It’s Still Amazing Out There2020-06-09T19:26:40-05:00

053: An Inconvenient Relationship Reality

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 53 where today I talk about an “inconvenient truth” concerning relationships. I like this term first coined by Al Gore about his view of climate change. Regardless of your view of Al Gore’s comments, there are also inconvenient truths about relationships. Today’s

053: An Inconvenient Relationship Reality2021-09-22T13:10:26-05:00
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