• Little things matter in relationships

164: Little Things That Matter in Relationships

One thing that deepens relationships is doing the little things that matter. You see it in people who observe, reflect, and then act. Listen in to today’s episode for an example. John Gottman writes in The Relationship Cure that based on his research Successful marriages are characterized by

164: Little Things That Matter in Relationships2022-06-13T14:13:08-05:00

104: The Question Behind the Question

We deepen our relationships when we consider what might be the question behind the question asked of us, and then address the deeper issue. Hello everyone and welcome to episode 104. One of the things I like about our podcast is the engagement I find with our listeners.

104: The Question Behind the Question2021-09-22T13:21:36-05:00

100: Start Conversations with Remembering

When we start conversations with remembering shared experiences it will draw us closer to people if we ask more about those experiences. Hello everyone, welcome to episode 100, our first triple-digit episode number! I’ve been to 8 funerals in the last year or so, 2 virtually and the

100: Start Conversations with Remembering2021-09-22T13:21:42-05:00

094: Self-Awareness Deepens Our Relationships

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 94, where today we consider how self-awareness deepens our relationships. With just 6 double-digits left before we hit 100 episodes, we’re considering a real-life application of the ORA principle of deepening relationships. The ORA principle re-stated In a nutshell, the ORA principle

094: Self-Awareness Deepens Our Relationships2021-09-22T13:09:45-05:00
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