• Our roots in Jesus bring stability to our life

156: Our Roots Bring Stability to Life

As our world becomes more and more unstable, our only hope for peace and security comes from letting our roots grow deep down into Jesus. today’s episode describes what that looks like. Listen in.

156: Our Roots Bring Stability to Life2022-04-11T15:22:19-05:00

109: Rekindle Relationships by Remembering

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 109, Rekindle Relationships by Remembering. Because of the global pandemic, it had been about 15 months since my wife Janet and I last saw our friend in person. I’ll call her “Katherine,” a name I’m making up because she is a very

109: Rekindle Relationships by Remembering2021-09-22T13:21:28-05:00
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