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  • Good people are out there

Good People Are Out There

I came across a great example of good people doing good things that I thought you would find encouraging. It illustrates well a passage found in the Bible, Titus 3:14, Our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent needs of others, then they will not be unproductive.

Good People Are Out There2023-04-17T09:35:11-05:00

An Unusual Way to Connect With God

If you’re a person of faith as I am you’ve probably learned about ways to connect with God. Where we initiate the connection through Bible reading, prayer, listening to music, appreciating the wonders of creation, and all that.  This month of April though, I’ve been thinking about ways God connects

An Unusual Way to Connect With God2023-03-31T11:47:10-05:00
  • Life-giving conversation

The Most Life-Giving Conversation of My Life

It happens every year at this time. Yesterday, April 4th, was the anniversary of the most life-giving conversation of my life.  I can’t think of April 4th without thinking of Carol Steward and what she told me that day. Carol was my wife Janet’s roommate in college and maid of

The Most Life-Giving Conversation of My Life2023-03-29T08:38:50-05:00

What Has Your Father Taught You By Example?

While I’m busy out in the shed re-tooling my You Were Made for This podcast for season 8, I haven’t forgotten you. As I come across ideas and resources about relationships I think you would find helpful, I will pass them on to you. For example, today I’m sharing from

What Has Your Father Taught You By Example?2023-03-28T20:40:46-05:00
  • Give people the gift of hope

200: Give People the Gift of Hope

One relationship principle I’ve come to appreciate over time is the power of giving people the gift of hope when they have so little of it themselves. It’s when you burn brightly with hope for others when their own hope is but a dying ember. In several recent

200: Give People the Gift of Hope2023-03-17T09:16:18-05:00
  • We Don't Know What We Don't Know

199: How to Help a Friend

Today’s episode is about how to help a friend using a model of deepening relationships I’ve talked about before. The ORA principle. You remember it, don’t you? O – Observe. R – Reflect. A -Act. ORA. I saw this model of relating on several different levels from the

199: How to Help a Friend2023-03-17T09:13:06-05:00
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