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214: People Are Like Houses

A listener once suggested that for a podcast episode I should read from the book I wrote in 2016, THEM- The Richer Life Found in Caring for Others. It’s about relationships, which of course, is what this podcast is about. But I don’t know if reading from it

214: People Are Like Houses2024-02-21T18:24:47-06:00
  • Jesus is what we need most

145: Delayed Gratitude Deepens Relationships

Delayed gratitude can be more powerful than gratitude at the moment we’re blessed. We may not fully appreciate what happened until time passes. Listen in to learn more.

145: Delayed Gratitude Deepens Relationships2022-02-01T17:43:44-06:00

068: Our Job is a Means to an End, Not an End Unto Itself

Our job is a means to an end, not an end unto itself. It’s an important relationship principle that makes celebrating Labor Day meaningful. Hello everyone and welcome back to You Were Made for This. It’s so good to be back here behind the microphone with the start

068: Our Job is a Means to an End, Not an End Unto Itself2021-09-22T13:15:51-05:00
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