• It's better to listen than to talk

218: It’s Better to Listen Than to Talk

Today’s episode, #218, brings to a close  Season 8 of our You Were Made for This podcast. If you’ve been listening for any length of time, I hope you’ve come to appreciate the high value we place on the skill of listening as a way to enrich our

218: It’s Better to Listen Than to Talk2024-04-28T15:40:38-05:00

217: God Will Surprise Us

In the past dew episodes I’ve been talking about how I tracked down my birth father and met him for the first… and last time in my life. You’ll find links to those episodes at the bottom of the show notes. Today’s show concludes this painful chapter in

217: God Will Surprise Us2024-04-13T16:34:05-05:00

216: Our Past Helps Us Understand Our Present

Hello everyone. If you haven’t listened to episode 215, “Searching for my Birth Father,” I suggest listening to that episode before continuing with this one. Just go to Today’s episode, #216, continues with the theme of how understanding our past helps us understand our present when we see

216: Our Past Helps Us Understand Our Present2024-04-02T13:41:13-05:00

215: Searching for My Birth Father

One of the more popular topics from past episodes has been the story of Gail Rohde who was adopted as an infant, and her search as an adult for her birth mother. Then several years after finding her, she searched for her birth father – and found him,

215: Searching for My Birth Father2024-03-18T09:42:33-05:00

214: People Are Like Houses

A listener once suggested that for a podcast episode I should read from the book I wrote in 2016, THEM- The Richer Life Found in Caring for Others. It’s about relationships, which of course, is what this podcast is about. But I don’t know if reading from it

214: People Are Like Houses2024-02-21T18:24:47-06:00
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213: Five Things to Watch for in Your Next Conversation

One thing on my mind lately is a question about the meaningful conversations we sometimes have with friends, and what makes them different from other conversations. I started thinking about this while reading news articles about the Super Bowl played earlier this month. Meaningful conversations and the Super

213: Five Things to Watch for in Your Next Conversation2024-02-16T12:32:26-06:00
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