037: The Two-Step Process to Solve Relationship Conflicts

Have you ever been in conflict with someone that just gnawed at you day and night? Where you did everything you could think of to try to solve the conflict? Where you may have talked to the other person to resolve the matter, but it goes no where.

037: The Two-Step Process to Solve Relationship Conflicts2021-09-22T12:49:26-05:00

The One Thing I Did Not Forget

I found a relationship poem in a leadership book I came across a number of years ago. I forgot everything else I read in that book, except the poem entitled “Threads.” Odd, isn’t it? A poem about leadership? To be a poet of any worth one needs to be a

The One Thing I Did Not Forget2019-07-25T16:54:45-05:00

024: Learning From Our Listeners

There’s a richness to learning together in community. Today’s episode is listeners sharing what they’ve learned so far in this podcast, which will hopefully encourage and stimulate your thinking about relationships.

024: Learning From Our Listeners2021-09-22T12:49:36-05:00

010: Two Features of Every Good Relationship

If you’ve listened to any of our previous episodes you’ll know by now that this podcast is all about relationships. Relationships are what we are all made for. Fulfilling, life-giving relationships. Some of our relationships are like that. But others sometimes are not. What’s the difference between good

010: Two Features of Every Good Relationship2021-09-22T12:49:58-05:00
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