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185: Thankful for Curious People

For the past two years, my grandson George has been a resident assistant in his college dorm. Before students check in at the start of the school year, each RA creates a bulletin board for their floor with here’s-who-I-am information about themself. It’s a way to start building

185: Thankful for Curious People2022-11-11T08:10:33-06:00
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182: Thankful for “The Last Time I Will Ever…”

It happened a few weeks ago, another one of those It was the last time I will ever … moments. It was the last time I experienced something so meaningful and enjoyable that it brought on a tinge of sadness knowing I will never experience it again. But

182: Thankful for “The Last Time I Will Ever…”2022-10-20T18:37:43-05:00
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