• Q: "What's on your mind?" A: Kids like me fleeing Ukraine

158: What’s On Your Mind?

Asking people “what’s on your mind?,” helps others go beyond sharing news of the superficial events in their life. It deepens relationships. Listen in to learn how.

158: What’s On Your Mind?2022-04-22T19:43:29-05:00
  • Jesus is what we need most

145: Delayed Gratitude Deepens Relationships

Delayed gratitude can be more powerful than gratitude at the moment we’re blessed. We may not fully appreciate what happened until time passes. Listen in to learn more.

145: Delayed Gratitude Deepens Relationships2022-02-01T17:43:44-06:00
  • One gracious blessing after another

142: One Gracious Blessing After Another

Real joy is seeing Jesus, from the abundance of his grace, release one gracious blessing after another to each of us. We don’t work for any of it because it’s all grace. Listen in to learn how it can happen to you. Have you ever noticed how God

142: One Gracious Blessing After Another2022-01-14T09:07:57-06:00
  • Blessings to be thankful for

132: Three Unusual Blessings to Be Thankful For

We enrich our lives when we pause to observe and reflect upon our experiences. We’ll then more easily notice the blessings to be thankful for. Even blessings that we rarely consider. That's what today's episode is all about.

132: Three Unusual Blessings to Be Thankful For2021-11-01T19:18:39-05:00
  • Thankful we can make memories for people

130: Be Thankful We Can Make Memories for People

A few weeks ago Episode 125, dropped, How to Relate When They Come Home From College. It evoked interesting responses from two listeners. If you missed that episode, I’ll have a link to it at the bottom of the show notes. Both responses reminded me of something we

130: Be Thankful We Can Make Memories for People2021-11-10T06:16:45-06:00
  • We don't always have to be right

129: Thankful We Don’t Always Have to Be Right

Be thankful we don’t always have to be right, for it will free us from having to defend ourselves, which allows us to relate better with people. It's the topic we consider in today's episode. We can now put Halloween and all its creepiness in our rear-view mirror

129: Thankful We Don’t Always Have to Be Right2021-11-03T11:11:59-05:00
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