168: How to Live Well

The other day I Googled the phrase “How to Live Well.” 19.5 trillion entries popped up. Yikes! Apparently a lot of people have something to say on this matter. And I do as well in today’s episode. But it’s going to be different than what my 19.5 trillion

168: How to Live Well2022-07-11T12:28:54-05:00

076: Participate in All Saints Day Like This

We can participate in All Saints Day by remembering the wise people who’ve gone before you. Follow their example and become a role model for others. Hello everyone and welcome to today’s episode, number 76. It’s our annual All Saints Day episode, which we’re starting for the first

076: Participate in All Saints Day Like This2021-09-22T11:36:00-05:00
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