• Best Father's Day gift for 2022

162: The Best Father’s Day Gift For 2022

The best Father’s Day gift for 2022 won’t cost you any money. It’s a great gift for the man who has everything. Listen in to learn what it is. A Father’s Day setback I don’t know about you, but I sure appreciate Carol’s cheery introduction every week. Especially

162: The Best Father’s Day Gift For 20222022-06-15T07:32:47-05:00

093: Remembering Deepens Our Relationships

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 93, Remembering Deepens Our Relationships. Only 7 more programs until we reach that magic triple-digit number of 100 episodes. And in 3 days we’ll also mark the 5th anniversary of the day my book was published, entitled THEM – The Richer Life

093: Remembering Deepens Our Relationships2021-09-22T13:09:48-05:00
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