The best Father’s Day gift for 2022 won’t cost you any money. It’s a great gift for the man who has everything. Listen in to learn what it is.

A Father’s Day setback

I don’t know about you, but I sure appreciate Carol’s cheery introduction every week. Especially on days like today when I’m feeling a bit ornery. I’ve been like this for a couple of days ever since I got an email about Father’s Day, which here in the US will be upon us in just four days. I had been looking forward to talking about the best Father’s Day gift for 2022, but this email I got pushed me back a little.

Here I was excited about sharing this Father’s Day gift idea because it solves the problem of what to get Dad when he already has everything. I’ll get into that, but first I have to get this troublesome email off my chest first.

A disturbing email

Not too long ago I signed up for a free account with Canva, an Australian-based software company that helps people design social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, etc. It’s kind of like Graphic Design for Dummies. It has lots of templates, and I used one for a gift certificate a while back. If you’re interested in this for yourself, you can go to

I get occasional emails from them, one of which arrived on On May 22nd, about a month before Father’s Day. The subject line read,

“Would you rather opt out of Father’s Day emails?”

It went on to say

Father’s Day is coming up and we know it can be a difficult day for many. That’s why we want to offer the option to opt out of Father’s Day emails from us.

And then it gave directions on how to opt out.

Troublesome Assumptions

Father’s Day is difficult for Many? Really? For a few, I’m sure. For some, you bet. But Many? And how could the mention of Father’s Day be troubling? A loving father who’s died and is dearly missed, perhaps? But I don’t get that sense at all. I could be all wrong about this, but I find in this email an underlying and troublesome assumption.

Sure, I can understand Father’s day triggering memories of abuse by one’s father, but are we that weak that we need to censure emails to protect us from bad memories? I don’t think so.

The email assumes many of us are victims, which I find distasteful. A bad dad may be part of our story, but it doesn’t have to be an active part. No matter how rotten a father we had, we can celebrate all the far more numerous good fathers that other people have been blessed with. Father’s Day isn’t just about us.

I find the email patronizing and condescending. It’s subtle, but it seems like fathers have become yet another group maligned in today’s cancel culture.

I don’t recall getting a similar email from Canva in the days leading up to Mother’s day last month.

It's hard being a man in these times. For a more balanced view of good men who become fathers, listen to episode 135, “Christmas With a Good Man Brings Joy.” It’s about Joseph, the early father of Jesus. It’s one of my favorites. I’ll have a link to it at the bottom of the show notes, along with other related episodes mentioned here.

2nd runner up to the best Father’s Day gift of 2022

Before I reveal the best Father’s Day gift of the year, here are the runners-up.

In third place: Marcel Marceau sings ….. Classic Rock Songs From the ‘90s. Carol, my boss, and executive producer is a big Marcel Marceau fan. For Christmas one year she gave me Marcel Marceau Sings Famous Broadway Show Tunes. The CD she gave me must have been scratched because it was hard to hear.

For music-loving fathers, Classic Rock Songs From the 90s by Marcel Marceau would be a good choice.

1st runner up to the Best Father’s Day gift of 2022

The second-best Father’s Day gift for 2022 and first runner-up is actually a real gift most dads would love. It’s a wallet from Pro Style Sports made of the same leather as used in making baseballs. I’ve had one for 4 years. It’s the best wallet I’ve ever had.

I just bought another one in case they stop making this model. Genuine baseball leather. So many compliments when I take it to pay a bill. The smell. Well-made. Cleans easily. The patina over time is authentic.

You can buy it on Amazon by clicking on this link:

It will generate a small commission for the sponsor of this podcast, Caring for Others, a missionary care ministry.

If you already bought him a gift, buy him this wallet for Christmas.

The winner: Best Father’s Day Gift for 2022

Ask your father questions about his life.

Talk to your dad, tell him you want to learn more of his story. Come up with a few questions ahead of time based on the initial question of “What might it be like to be my father?’

If your father is deceased or estranged from you. Talk to another father, learn his story. If your son is now a father, take off your “That’s my boy” sunglasses, and look at him as a father.

If you’re new to the podcast, you’ll find a more detailed explanation of how to ask questions in episodes 64 and 65.

It will honor your father, It could draw him closer to you.

I wished I would have asked my father more questions. I think I was afraid of him. Tennis. The War. Growing up without a father. Ice skating – who taught him all that stuff. His half-sister, my Aunt Jo, etc.

He’s gone now and my questions remain unanswered.

Inquiry into your father’s life will not only honor him, but it will give you a greater understanding of your dad. Even if he was the bad father my disturbing email was suggesting. Understanding the story of your bad father will help you forgive, if there’s something needing forgiveness.

This Best Father’s Day gift of 2022 won’t cost you any money, but it will cost you some time, and perhaps a bit of your heart.

And it's a gift you can give your dad year-round. Even for Christmas

So what does all this mean for YOU?

The best gift we can give anyone is to be curious about their story. Everyone has one, you know. When we inquire about a person’s life for the purpose of understanding them better we honor them. It will bring out the best in you. It will bring out the best in them.

Here’s the main takeaway I hope you remember from today’s episode

The best Father’s Day gift in 2022 is to be curious about your Dad by asking him questions about his life. Listening to his story honors him, and it will help deepen your relationship with him.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have about today’s episode.


In closing, I hope your thinking was stimulated by today’s show, enough to put into practice what you’ve just heard. Exercise your curiosity muscles by getting to know your father better. I can assure you, you don’t know him as well as you think you do. But it’s not too late to start now.

For when you do, it will help you experience the joy of relationships God intends for you. Because as you know, You Were Made for This.

Well, that’s it for today. Please consider telling others about this podcast if you think it would be interesting and helpful to them. And don’t forget to spread a little relational sunshine around the people you meet this week. Spark some joy for them. And I’ll see you next time.

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