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213: Five Things to Watch for in Your Next Conversation

One thing on my mind lately is a question about the meaningful conversations we sometimes have with friends, and what makes them different from other conversations. I started thinking about this while reading news articles about the Super Bowl played earlier this month. Meaningful conversations and the Super

213: Five Things to Watch for in Your Next Conversation2024-02-16T12:32:26-06:00
  • A meaningful conversation deepens a relationship

205: How to Have a Meaningful Conversation

To deepen our current relationships, or to develop new ones, it’s helpful to ask ourselves an important question. Namely, “How do I have a meaningful conversation with someone?” Today’s episode will give you a few ideas to help you answer this question. But before we get into today’s

205: How to Have a Meaningful Conversation2023-10-30T17:42:03-05:00
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204: Deep Conversations

Do you ever long for a deep conversation with someone? Today’s episode is about a creative measure someone took to make that happen. It reveals what many of us long for, and how we can make the world a better place, one conversation at a time. As with

204: Deep Conversations2023-10-11T09:49:17-05:00
  • Life-giving conversation

The Most Life-Giving Conversation of My Life

It happens every year at this time. Yesterday, April 4th, was the anniversary of the most life-giving conversation of my life.  I can’t think of April 4th without thinking of Carol Steward and what she told me that day. Carol was my wife Janet’s roommate in college and maid of

The Most Life-Giving Conversation of My Life2023-03-29T08:38:50-05:00
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185: Thankful for Curious People

For the past two years, my grandson George has been a resident assistant in his college dorm. Before students check in at the start of the school year, each RA creates a bulletin board for their floor with here’s-who-I-am information about themself. It’s a way to start building

185: Thankful for Curious People2022-11-11T08:10:33-06:00
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