Today’s podcast is what its title describes, Our Past Helps Us Understand Our Present.

You can listen to it on two levels.The first is the investigative work I did to locate my birth father. It was an energizing exercise to start with very limited information about him. Then overcoming various obstacles in tracking him down.

More importantly, there is the role God played in guiding my search and the unusual way he used one particular day of the year, April 4th, to reveal his loving kindness. It’s a thread he uses to connect me to four important events, and ultimately to Himself.

I’m still processing the comforting power of all that’s associated with this one day on the calendar. I know it will wonderfully grip grip me tomorrow, as it always does every year.

You can hear all about it when you click here.

May your April 4th be as meaningful to you as mine is to me.

John Certalic

You Were Made for This is the podcast sponsored by Caring for Others, a missionary care ministry.