• We don't always have to be right

129: Thankful We Don’t Always Have to Be Right

Be thankful we don’t always have to be right, for it will free us from having to defend ourselves, which allows us to relate better with people. It's the topic we consider in today's episode. We can now put Halloween and all its creepiness in our rear-view mirror

129: Thankful We Don’t Always Have to Be Right2021-11-03T11:11:59-05:00

Obstacles in a Relationship

Obstacles in a relationship are opportunities to reflect the character of God. How we deal with them are occasions to glorify him. I’ve been thinking about this in the context of an email response to my blog post from June 10th, It’s Still Amazing Out There.

Obstacles in a Relationship2020-07-07T18:57:09-05:00

Being Critical of Others Will Humble Us

Being critical of others will humble us when we better understand why people do what they do. I was reminded of this in a humbling moment a few weeks ago. I discovered a robin building her nest ON TOP of a birdhouse I had put up for my feathered friend’s

Being Critical of Others Will Humble Us2020-07-01T09:05:22-05:00

056: Changing How We Think

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 56, where today we consider one relationship that affects all others. Our relationship with our self, and how we think. In the last few episodes, 54, The Greatest Obstacle to Relationships and 55, How to Overcome our Greatest Relationship Obstacle, we talked

056: Changing How We Think2023-03-20T16:31:29-05:00
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