151: Hope is More a Noun Than a Verb

As a person of faith, we can help and comfort people best when we embrace and share the principle that hope is a noun more than a verb. An important relationship principle in today’s show We talked in episodes 148 and 149 about what to say and not

151: Hope is More a Noun Than a Verb2022-03-17T09:55:45-05:00

071: How to Help a Grieving Friend

To help a grieving friend starts with being present and joining God in comforting those going through difficult times. Hello everyone and welcome to episode no. 71, where today we discuss how to help a grieving friend. Before we get into that, I have some listener feedback to

071: How to Help a Grieving Friend2021-09-22T11:35:55-05:00

How to Celebrate Father’s Day in 2020

How to celebrate Father's Day in 2020 is different this year due to Covid-19. I saw it on the face of a father talking about his son graduating from high school. It’s a good news/bad story. I’ll start with the bad news, which as you’ll see at the end, is

How to Celebrate Father’s Day in 20202020-06-14T20:24:28-05:00

A Haunting Email

I received this email arrived recently from one of our podcast listeners, who also happens to be a personal friend. She wrote: I can’t stop listening to your podcasts. They make me smile. I can’t stop thinking that had I listened to these 4 years ago I would still be

A Haunting Email2019-07-19T12:19:20-05:00
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