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196: How Will You Be Remembered?

I received a touching email the other day that got me thinking about how I want to be remembered when my time on earth comes to an end. The email is a brief and beautiful story from one of my favorite authors that I share in today’s show.

196: How Will You Be Remembered?2023-03-08T19:40:26-06:00
  • Memories grandparents make

147: Memories Grandparents Make

Memories grandparents make are a relational anchor for grandchildren. They remind us of our relational roots and where we’ve come from. They show us the privilege we have in impacting the lives of others for good.

147: Memories Grandparents Make2022-03-02T05:55:52-06:00
  • Thankful we can make memories for people

130: Be Thankful We Can Make Memories for People

A few weeks ago Episode 125, dropped, How to Relate When They Come Home From College. It evoked interesting responses from two listeners. If you missed that episode, I’ll have a link to it at the bottom of the show notes. Both responses reminded me of something we

130: Be Thankful We Can Make Memories for People2021-11-10T06:16:45-06:00

Dads Spark Joy When They Create Memories

Dads spark joy when they create memories for their family. It’s one of the great privileges of fatherhood. If you’re a dad, it’s what they’ll talk about at your funeral. I saw a memory created by four fathers working together on a recent Monday. Let me set the context first.

Dads Spark Joy When They Create Memories2020-06-23T21:15:09-05:00
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