If you listened to the last episode (#31) of the You Were Made for This podcast you may recall I mentioned it is the last one for Season One. Season Two starts on September 4th.

But between now and the start of Season Two, I’ll be sending out weekly (almost) emails or blog posts. They'll be brief and about relationships. So here’s the first one of the summer. Just three days after Fathers' Day here in the US.

A friend of ours mentioned that at her church all the women in attendance on Mothers' Day last month received roses.

Then for Fathers' Day the announcement came:

“We're giving all the guys a bratwurst.  But if you're a vegetarian or vegan, you can just eat the bun.”

At first I thought this seemed funny, and at least a try at honoring men. But the more I think about it, the more it irritates me. Could the imagery of  these two gifts be any more stark: For women – beauty found in nature that lingers for days. For  men – the momentary pleasure of processed meat. In today's male-marginalized culture it is hard being a guy. It tempts me to start a #Whataboutme? movement.

If bratwurst doesn't cut it, what would be a good gift to honor men?

How about words?

My friend Sylvia Schroeder, gifted writer and former missionary to Italy, got it right as she writes about her husband Phil this past Fathers' Day. It's a beautiful piece about what it means to be a real man, the kind parents want their daughters to marry.  You've got to read her latest post from her “When the House is Quiet” blog. It's far better than bratwurst.

Click here.

John Certalic

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