Yesterday morning I googled the phrase “2024 Word of the Year.” A mere 3,220,000,000 results popped up. Today I’m adding one more entry with my own pick for the word of the year.

You can hear (or read) about it in today’s podcast. In it I tell several stories that illustrate this word in action. Stories that inlcude:

  • A best-selling author’s dinner party experience
  • Two moms who take someone under their wing
  • A man who confesses in church to killing someone
  • What a highly rated law school professor does that others don’t
  • An inspiring quote from Studs Terkel

All of these stories tie together around my pick for the word of the year for 2024.

I hope you're curious enough to check them out. Click here to listen in.

Until next week, I wish you all the joy that you can wish.*

John Certalic

You Were Made for This is the podcast sponsored by Caring for Others, a missionary care ministry.

* The Merchant of Venice, Act III, scene 2