This is the last blog post of the summer. As much as I hate to see it go, I’m looking forward to switching gears a week from today and moving into Season Two of our You Were Made for This podcast.

If you’ve listened to past episodes from Season One you may recall how each one ends with a relationship-related quote. My favorite so far
this year is from Walt Whitman who said,

“We were together, I forgot the rest.

I experienced this first-hand this summer when Janet and I took our twin 17-year-old grandsons, George and Grant, on a vacation trip. It was our high school graduation gift to them, a summer before the fact.

While the places we visited were very interesting, the thing I will carry in my heart for a long time was just being with the boys. Seeing life through their eyes was a complete joy.

We were together. Pretty soon I’ll forget the rest

There was the time lean, quiet Grant aggressively hailed down a cab for us on a bustling, noisy, city street. Then there was the day George
suggested we go to the top of the tower in a historic town square to get relief from 100+ degree heat. The unexpected beauty of the city ,
rooftops and its surroundings George led us to were breathtaking. We had no idea.

We were together for wonderful days like this. But eventually I’ll forget the rest.

It’s our relationship that made all the difference. It didn’t matter where we were or what we did. It was our relationship that filled us.

How about you?

Who have you been with lately that has made you forget the rest?

More importantly, what relationships are you nurturing that will cause others to think of you when they hear the Walt Whitman quote,

We were together. I forgot the rest?

Next up

Season Two of You Were Made for This starts next Wednesday, September 4. I can’t wait to share it with you!

I hear the banks and post office will close, some schools, too. But this could just be a rumor. Regardless, I hope you listen in with the rest of

Grateful for times together,