Janet and I always look forward to our missionary friends from South America coming into town every three years or so on their home assignment. We’ve known this couple for decades; decades they’ve spent planting and supporting tribal churches along the Amazon River in Brazil.

While at lunch with them recently they mentioned how much they enjoy my You Were Made for This podcast.

Houston, We Have a Problem

“We haven’t listened to all the episodes yet because of the slow Internet service in our little town near the border of Peru. Sometimes we get up at 2am to download episodes when the Internet is more reliable. Then we'll listen to them later on our computer. We can only download a few at a time..”

Hmm. After a long pause I said,

“How about when Season Two starts I download all future episodes of the podcast onto a flash drive and mail it to you.”

Problem Solved

“That will work!,” they said. Problem solved. No more 2am downloads.

Such a simple thing to do.

That afternoon I downloaded all 31 episodes from Season One onto a thumb drive. It took just a few minutes. I’ll be doing the same with Season Two in the coming months.

That was so easy. It then led me to think about something equally simple I could do. Missionaries often lack the spiritual resources we have in the States, which prompted me to contact my friends at Telling the Truth, the Bible teaching ministry of Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe. They broadcast daily expository biblical sermons on 500 U.S. radio outlets. In addition, they reach a measurable audience of 1.2.million people through their numerous online channels.

But to access their resources requires a stable internet connection. Something this missionary couple along the Amazon do not have.

So I asked my friends at Telling the Truth if they would be so kind as to download some of their Bible teaching programs onto a flash drive that we could give to our missionary friends. That was easy for me to ask them. They are kind and generous people at TTT, and were willing to put the time and effort into this.

The Generosity of Others

On short notice they downloaded, not just a few of their programs, but all 1,214 sermons in their database library onto a flash drive. I gave it to the missionary couple a few days later, and they were thrilled.

Sometimes it’s the really easy and simple things we do for people that blesses them most.

What about you?

What’s something simple and easy you can do to bless someone today?


P.S. To access the biblical teaching ministry of Telling the Truth for yourself, click here. You might want to pass this resource on to others. I listen to their programs through their app on my phone when I take a walk or go for a drive. It’s really something so simple to do. Click here to learn how.