Merry Christmas Reader,

Each December our You Were Made for This podcast focuses on relational themes that arise during the Christmas season.

Last week’s episode for example, episode 207, was about how to help the people we love at Christmas when they are going through a rough time. If you missed it, click here to listen in.

Also, I thought you might be interested in hearing Christmas episodes from past years and the timeless relationship topics they consider. So today I’ve listed those from 2018 with a brief summary of each one.

The Christmas episodes that year revolved around the theme of gifts and the relational joy they bring.

Click on the links below to listen to (or read the show notes for) any episodes that grab your eye. The Gift of a Background Relationship. My relationship with my mother-in-law and the joy she brought into my life. The Mr. Rogers movie that came out in 2018. Encouraging people. A Gift for the Person Who has Everything. Lifetime achievement awards for everyone! How to delight in honoring others from Romans 12:10. Joy in relationships. The Gift of Even Though. A childless couple thankful for the life they’ve lived, even though God said “no” to their prayers for children. How they found joy in other relationships. The Gift of Joy – Part 1. Rejoicing with others in the blessing they received that you did not. The joy of accomplishment. More relationship joy. The Gift of Joy – Part 2. How joy is more like a cat than a dog. My favorite Christmas flash mob of all time. Listen to it in December or July; it doesn’t matter. The joy it evokes chases the blues away like nothing else.

Until next week when episode 208 drops, I wish you all the joy that you can wish.*

John Certalic

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* The Merchant of Venice, Act III, scene 2