After You Were Made for This episode 31 (about our relationship with the rhythm of time) aired on June 12, I received this email from a missionary living in the Mideast:


Thank you for the the insights of this past season. I have enjoyed listening to you while cooking in my kitchen, laughing with you , and then pondering what was said. Your insight into your own need for rhythm touched on something all missionaries struggle with: the furlough.

We had a rhythm of 4 years on the field, one in the states. I loved it. But once our family began to stay stateside one by one, our rhythm had to change.  Now there are grandchildren and my heart turns towards home more often. We are looking at two trips home a year, for one month each. Time will tell if this works!

I have been challenged by the podcast to be a better listener, and I do believe I have made strides in becoming a better wife to Dan since pondering how to make relationships more fulfilling.  Thank you for focusing on a people group that most overlook. You are such a dear friend and mentor to all of us.  What I love is how intentionally you and Janet live your lives and impact others on the way.  I remember you describing yourself as the “water boy” in Luke 22:10. You did that for us at Batikent protestant Church then,  and you continue to do it for all of us on this podcast now.

Blessings on your season of rest, preparation, and reflection.


Devri writes of a common issue with life-long missionaries – grandchildren pulling heart strings from across the ocean.  These little people have a way of changing our rhythms. Have they done this for you who are parents or grandparents?

Secondly,  Devri writes about the podcast helping her to be a better listener and a better wife. Listening well tends to make everything better.  I wonder how this might be true for you.

Finally,  I love the “water boy” reference from Luke 22:10. I've been studying this passage once again in the context of all the relational moments that immediately preceded the Last Supper in the upper room, and then shortly thereafter. I still feel like a “water boy” which suits me just fine. It's an honor, for sure.  This topic will be a podcast episode sometime before the end of the year.

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