A listener to my podcast from New Jersey, and former missionary to Spain, recently sent me the following email:

Hi, John!
Thanks so much for your podcasts! I’ve learned so much, and have found that even though I’ve been off the mission field for a number of years, God is still using me to counsel others, as they come to me with questions. Your recent podcast, in which you spoke of the “I wonder if…” phrase is one that I gave a friend just yesterday as she deals with a childhood friend in South Africa. I am continually amazed at our wonderful Counselor, who always gives us the right thing to say at the right time, using His humble vessels to impart His wisdom.

Six things I appreciate about this listener’s comments:

1. The cross-cultural references. New Jersey -Spain -South Africa

2. The tentative nature of “I wonder if…” in suggesting options or personal observations in helping people with their relationships. It’s the opposite of thinking or saying the following:

Here's what you need to do next…

I'm sure if you did ____ then _____ will happen

I can tell that this is what's going on:______

3. The listener’s reference to her past missionary service as a well that she draws wisdom from to help others

 4. How the listener gives credit to God for giving her the right words at the right time to say to help someone

5. That quality in the listener that her friend found safe and inviting enough to ask questions about an issue with a childhood friend in South Africa

6. The You Were Made for This podcast is making a positive difference in helping people in their relationships

What about you?

What is your well of past experiences you can draw from to help others? How is God using you to impart His wisdom to others? What are you learning about relationships?

One way to learn more about relationships is to review, or listen for the first time, the 31 episodes of the You Were Made for This. You can listen to them where ever you get your podcasts, or by visiting JohnCertalic.com.

Grateful for your interest,


P.S. I’d love to hear from you and your reaction to any of the relationship issues you’ve been hearing about/reading about in this space.