Relationships are important, but there is one that is more important than all others. What we decide about that relationship will set the trajectory for the rest of our life. Listen in to learn more. Am I the only one, or do you ever think about how the trajectory of your life has been shaped by a single event you experienced many years ago? And how when that event occurred you had no idea how it would alter the rest of your life?

Each year, when tomorrow comes around, April 4th, I can’t help think but think of the most important event of my life that happened on that day. Just thinking about April 4th will often get me teary eyed. Even after all these years.

What happened on that April 4th still moves me because it involves a relationship, a relationship that after many years continues to grow. I wrote about it in a book I had published in 2016, THEM – The Richer Life Found in Caring for Others. I’d like to share an excerpt from it that describes what happened. I’ll also have a link to the book in the show notes.

Before I begin, I need to tell you about Carol, as some of you have asked, “Who in the World is Carol?” that I mention at the beginning of every episode. I’ve waited until now to tell you about Carol because she is a key player in the story I’m about to share.

Carol is the person who introduces each episode. She does voice overs and commercials for a Christian radio station in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin that is run by her husband Terry. Last year as I was telling Terry and Carol about the podcast I was starting, they both suggested Carol could record the introduction. She also does marketing at the station, and before this, she hosted a noon-time TV show in Fargo, ND, where her husband Terry was the producer.

I first met Carol through my wife Janet before we were married. Janet met Carol in a class they were taking together their freshman year in college.

So that’s the background to the story I’m going to read from my book, THEM. This is from chapter seven entitled, “Running on Empty.”

[Read the sections from chapter 7]

Before I close, here’s the he main take-away from today’s episode, our show in a sentence

The most important relationship of all is our relationship with Jesus. It is the key to a fulfilling life both in this world, and in the next world to come.

Here’s a way you can respond to today’s show

I just shared the most important relationship story in my life. How about yours? What is an important relationship story you have? Our listeners and I would love to hear it. Please give it some thought and then email your story of a relationship that has impacted your life for the better. You can send it to John [at] Caring for Others [dot org].

Coming up next week

There’s more to be said about the role of stories in our relationships, and that’s what we’ll be doing in next week’s episode.


Thank you for listening in to today’s show. I hope you found it encouraging to think back to the stories that have shaped your life. My the stories yet to be written about our relationships bring life and encouragement to each of us.

Relationship Quote of the Week

We need to remind each other of our own stories. ~ John Certalic

Well that’s it for today. I look forward to connecting with you next week. Good bye for now.

Resources mentioned in today’s show

THEM – The Richer Life Found in Caring for Others