I recently had breakfast with a pastor friend who retired last year. A very young 70-old guy who is now off doing other meaningful things with his life. Among other things, Mike and I talked about the transition he led his congregation through to prepare for his passing the baton on to the next generation of leadership at his church. He talked about the importance of the older generation disciplining and mentoring the younger crowd. Mike said, “I encouraged people my age to ‘adopt a millennial.’” I like that phrase, “adopt a millennial.” He encouraged the baby boomer generation to get to know those coming up behind them, and to make a positive impact in their lives. What a great relationship concept.

In today’s show I interview two people from this younger generation. Two sisters in their ’20’s, Hannah and Abby Barbeau, to learn what we can from them what life is like for their age group. Especially in the area of relationships, both with each other as siblings, and with their peers. So hear we go. I think you’ll find this interesting.

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We’re going to take a pause here and pick up the rest of the interview next week.

There are a number of things I’ve learned so far from Hannah and Abby in their relationship as sisters that we can apply to most relationships. One of the most obvious to me is that close intimate relationships are possible across generations.

Hannah was 26 when we recorded this late last year, born in 1992, which makes here a millennial. Abby, however, as a 20-year old, born in 1998 is part of Generation Z. There are distinct differences between these two age groups. And then we see with Hannah and Abby differences in their personalities. Hannah describes herself as being more emotional and wanting to be active and do things. Abby describes herself as being more guarded and more of a home-body.

But none of these differences keep them apart. In fact, the differences enhance their relationship, and they bring out the best in each other.

A second thing I learned is their closeness as sisters was born and grew out of a loving family life. It was Abby who said, “Love from your parents helps you to love others.” What a great encouragement to parents, that they can impact the world through loving well their own children. A child who is loved, will eventually love others well because they saw it modeled growing up.

Regarding love, they both talked about the importance of sacrificing one’s desires and preferences in order to stay connected with the other person in the relationship. How at times we need to change in order to stay connected with each other

They both talk about their relationship being intentional that it was a choice they made to form a closeness with each other. And that closeness has to be nurtured.

And finally, I take away from the story of Abby and Hannah’s relationship is that it’s helpful from time to time to evaluate our relationships and to ask the other person something along the lines of “is this still working for you? Is there anything I can do or be for you that will help us stay connected.”

Before I close, here’s the he main take-away from today’s episode, our show in a sentence

No matter how different we are, we can have a close relationship with someone if we’re both intentional about sacrificing our preferences for the sake of the relationship.

Here’s a way you can respond to today’s show

Set a time and place to have a conversation with someone you’re in relationship with and ask, “Are we doing okay in our relationship? Is there something you’d like from me that maybe you’re not getting? What can I do to make our relationship the best it can be.”

Coming up next week

We’ll finish our interview and discussion with Hannah and Abby. You’ll hear their view of the church as a millennial and generation Z, along with their thoughts on relating to older generations like Gen X’rs and Baby Boomers like me. They’ll also share their take on missionaries overseas with their young adult kids back in the States, and what millennials and generation Z need from their parents NOW.

Quote of the Week

Carol said we should go with something Abby said in today’s show that impressed her, and that is

Love from your parents helps you to love others. ~ Abby Barbeau


That’s it for today. I hope you found it interesting to hear from two sisters in their 20’s. If you did, I’d appreciate you referring this podcast on to someone you know.

Leaving a review in iTunes would also be appreciated. Until next time, make the world a better place by transforming your relationships into the best they can be. Bye for now.

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