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  • brighten someone's day

You will brighten someone’s day when you initiate with them, letting them know you’re thinking about them, and wondering how they are doing. Simple acts like this go a long way to deepening a relationship. Listen in.

Help Needed

Before we get into today’s show I could use your help with something. I’ve been asked to give a Zoom presentation at the end of February to the Legacy Coalition, a Christian Grandparenting organization. It’s not finalized yet, but I think I’m going to give a talk on memories that Grandparents can create for their grandchildren.

As part of this, I would so like to share any memories you are willing to share of memories your grandparents created for you. They can be from when you were a child, or as an adult. It would be interesting and encouraging to hear any stories like this from you. It might even turn into a future podcast episode.

Please send it to me in an email to john [at]caringforothers [dot]org.

On to today’s program. (more…)


“At the end of the day, nothing matters MORE than relationships.” — John Certalic

  • Blessings to be thankful for

132: Three Unusual Blessings to Be Thankful For

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We enrich our lives when we pause to observe and reflect upon our experiences. We’ll then more easily notice the blessings to be thankful for. Even blessings that

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Be thankful we don’t always have to be right, for it will free us from having to defend ourselves, which allows us to relate better with people. It's

  • God never stops caring for us

126: Sometimes God Uses Strangers to Care for Us

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I didn’t see this coming, but episode 121 that aired five weeks ago, “The Relational Energy of Fall,” had the most listener response of any podcast episode this

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125: How to Relate When They Come Home From College

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A podcast listener recently contacted me for some relationship advice. She asked, “Our son, who just started his freshman year of college, is coming home for the weekend,

  • our identity

124: Resting In Our Identity Frees Us to Love Well

September 29th, 2021|Categories: Family Relationships, Podcast|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Hello everyone! I’m so glad you’ve joined us today for episode 124, “Resting In Our Identity Frees Us to Love Well” Background to today’s program Last week’s episode,

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